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The Chess Bible

384 pages, paperback, Thinkers Publishing, 1. edition 2022

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What's the most effective book for your level or the most effective course to get? As a Grandmaster and chess coach, who left his cozy life and started a company with a mission to help chess lovers unlock their full potential, I'm very happy that in the chess world there are people like Vishnu and that you picked his book.

Vishnu isn't an ordinary person: his methods of improvement aren't ordinary, and neither is he as a coach. When he won the Chicago Open, despite being 60th out of 116 in the starting list, many people were surprised. But they wouldn't be if they saw how smart and interesting his system of chess improvement is. Vishnu proved that his methods work and how important pattern recognition is. And exactly that's what he teaches in this book!

When I saw the draft of it I was blown away by the hard work he had done, the quality of the research, and how carefully he was choosing the examples. I want to congratulate you on having this book in your hands. You avoided traps, you found a man who has walked the talk and has spent years learning and preparing for you material that you can digest in a short period of time. And if your rating is somewhere between 1000-2000, this book will be one of the best books for you!

Grandmaster, Founder and CEO of ChessMood,
Avetik Grigoryan
More Information
EAN 9789464201659
Weight 710 g
Manufacturer Thinkers Publishing
Width 17 cm
Height 23.5 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2022
Author Vishnu Warrier
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 9789464201659
Pages 384
Binding paperback
004 Key to Symbols
006 Bibliography
007 Biography
008 Foreword
009 Introduction
011 Chapter 1 - Pawns
045 Chapter 2 - Knights
063 Chapter 3 - Bishops
083 Chapter 4 - Rooks
099 Chapter 5 - The Queen
115 Chapter 6 - The King
135 Chapter 7 - The Opening
153 Chapter 8 - The Middlegame
215 Chapter 9 - The Endgame
247 Chapter 10 - Trading Pieces
271 Chapter 11 - Quotes
289 Chapter 12 - Calculation
315 Chapter 13 - Tactics
331 Chapter 14 - Strategy
357 Chapter 15 - Imbalances
375 Chapter 16 - Self-Talk - Word to the Wise
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